Our Wildest Commenters Dish About 'The Stir'

birthday cakeHappy First Birthday to The Stir! As a treat we've invited five special guests to help us celebrate this important one-year milestone. Who are they? Well, here's a hint: If you're a regular reader of The Stir, then you know them!

Because our readers are such a big part of who we are, we wanted to get to know some of the ladies who consistently read and react -- sometimes strongly! -- to our blog posts every day. So, we gathered five of our favorite commenters here at The Stir and asked them to tell us a little bit about themselves and what they like -- and don't like -- about The Stir.

Who are the women behind the screennames that you see every day? Sit tight because you're about to find out ...


You've seen their comments, now find out what these commenters are all about.

First, we asked five of our most frequent commenters to tell us three fun facts about themselves:

lovinangelsLovinangels is from Pennsylvania and has three daughters -- ages 11, 4, and 19 months.

  • I started blogging because I was inspired by the ladies at The Stir. (Awwwww.)
  • I have a minor cooking obsession that causes me to fix a three-course meal at midnight.
  • I LOVE politics way more than I should.





proudsinglemumProudSingleMum is also from Pennsylvania and has one son, Alex, who is 4 years old.

  • I love to scrapbook.
  • I can balance a chair -- a metal folding chair or chair of equal weight -- on each of my fingers and my palm, and move it among my fingers and my palm. (Wow!)
  • I enjoy listening to audiobooks.





KTMOMKTMOM is from Tennessee and has an 11-year-old boy named Dawson.

  • I have been married almost 12 years.
  • I am a huge animal and dog lover and independent "student" of dog behavior/training.
  • I love to travel and explore and take looooong road trips in my MINI Cooper.





fallayaFallaya is from upstate New York and has a 2.5-year-old daughter, Victoria.

  • I eat popcorn for breakfast.
  • I love brownies, but I hate to smell them cooking!
  • I enjoy watching Handy Manny on the Disney Junior channel.





lorelnicoletteLorelNicolette is from Florida and has a 3-year-old son, Logan, and a 1-year-old daughter, Taylor.  

  • I am passionate about birth, breastfeeding, and gentle discipline.
  • I love to sew.
  • I try my best to be environmentally friendly.





And now on to the good stuff -- the gossip! The five readers dish about The Stir:

CafeMom: Who are your favorite Stir bloggers and why?

Fallaya: Janelle Harris is my absolute favorite! She is sassy and to the point, and doesn't resort to childish name-calling.

LorelNicolette: Christie Haskell, Michele Zipp, and the Bloggess -- the first two cater to my passions as a parent, and the last one makes me laugh.

KTMOM: Christie Haskell and Michele Zipp. They are funny, wicked smart, real, and it is clear how much time and effort they spend in researching and really posting things that will educate or make people think.

ProudSingleMum: April Peveteaux because she has a tendency to get me "riled up" -- sometimes because I agree with her and sometimes because I completely disagree with her, so it's the best of both worlds. Also, Jenny Erikson because we share common ground on the political side of things, and I love how upset people get when she voices her opinion. 

Lovinangels: It's a LOOONNG list. In no particular order: Jeanne Sager, Christie Haskell, The Bloggess, Michele Zipp, Lindsay Ferrier. And, if I missed anyone, I'm sorry, I probably love you, too!


CM: What's your favorite hot button topic here on The Stir?

Fallaya: Spanking!

LorelNicolette: Natural birth, breastfeeding, and non-authoritarian style parenting. 

KTMOM: I really can't help but read the breastfeeding posts, to see the arguments for and against and see how fired up people get about it!


CM: What topics are you sick of reading about?

LorelNicolette: Mindless posts about celebrities. 

ProudSingleMum: Attachment parenting -- only because it seems that if you don't identify as such or don't want to label yourself, you're treated like you are a bad mother.

Lovinangels: I'm honestly sick and tired of the whole anti-Sarah-Palin and anti-Tea-Party bit. I'm not a fan of Sarah, and you can't go ANYWHERE without reading about some stupid, inane bit she did. Let it die, people. And the Tea Party is as diverse a group as any other, but you only see the nut jobs on TV (and on The Stir).


CM: Have you ever gotten in a “virtual fight” in the comments section?

ProudSingleMum: Yes, I believe the latest one was about single moms and how we're destroying society.

Fallaya: I made a typo error and another person made a huge deal about it. It was so silly! Instead of discussing the topic at hand, she dedicated posts just to bash me for making a typo error! [It was a post about Sarah Palin.]

Lovinangels: Yeah, I've gotten into more than my share of comment tussles. The first was with Joanne about whether or not abortion was Constitutional ... The TSA was a big one -- lots of fights there. I don't get involved too much with the Mommy war stuff -- we should all support each other's decisions as parents, unless someone's decision involves handing their 2-year-old a crack pipe.


CM: If you could be a celebrity mom, who would it be?

Fallaya: Clair Huxtable -- she successfully juggled her career and her role as a mother. She knew how to keep her children in line with "the look," but she could also be compassionate and understanding towards them. She expected nothing less than the best from her kids.

LorelNicolette: I relate to celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian more than I would have previously admitted. 

KTMOM: I have always admired Julia Roberts. She seems like such a down to earth person and a good and fun and INVOLVED mom.

ProudSingleMum: Julia Roberts because, from what I can tell, she doesn't parade her children around, makes loads of money doing barely anything (like that coffee commercial she was in!), and she helps others.

Lovinangels: Let's go with Clair Huxtable. Yes, fictional. But so damn cool and funny. Loved her.

A big thanks to these five ladies and to all our readers for helping to make this birthday the best one yet! And, don't forget to check for birthday giveaways happening all day long!


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