Nuclear Reactor Meltdown Is Scarier Than They're Saying

fukushima explosion nuclearFears of a nuclear meltdown are growing in Japan, as engineers continue to scramble to stabilize three nuclear reactors at the Fukushima plant, which were damaged by the earthquake and tsunami. If these reactors overheat, the country could be facing a nuclear disaster. Officials believe radiation is contained despite two major hydrogen explosions and they have been forced to release built-up vapors into the atmosphere in order to avoid more explosions, the effects of which officials continue to say are "only mildly radioactive," within "legal limits," and not a major health threat.

But what if they're wrong?


It's been my experience that governments have been wrong. Very wrong. Wrong in a way that has led to uncountable casualties (remember the WMDs that didn't exist?). Of course, I'm not saying these nuclear engineers, probably among some of the world's brightest, aren't doing their best. I'm just saying that I fear their best may not be enough to ward off a catastrophe of immense proportions here.

After all, we've already heard about the evacuations of more than 180,000 people, massive white smoke plumes from hydrogen explosions felt 25-30 miles away, workers being killed, going missing, or being contaminated trying to avert this crisis, kids being tested for radiation, people being put in isolation for signs of radiation, and iodine pills being provided. This is a complete nightmare atop the thousands of deaths and displaced survivors of the tsunami already.

If I were in Japan, I think I'd be looking to get the heck out of dodge if there were any way. It's tough to say that since many of these people probably have no place to go or no means to get there; however, I fear for the lives of those living in Japan, and I fear for the repercussions worldwide should a full-fledged nuclear meltdown occur.

Heck, even Anderson Cooper is scared, asking, "Should I get out of here?" I would, Anderson. I would.

What are you thoughts on this nuclear crisis in Japan? Would you be seeking to leave Japan right now if you lived there?

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