East Coast Rapist Gives Worst Excuse Ever

Aaron Thomas, 39, better known as the East Coast Rapist, was in court last Monday after being linked to the sexual assaults of 17 women in Maryland, Virginia, Connecticut, and Rhode Island between 1997 and 2009, according to police.

Authorities were able to catch Thomas from DNA on a cigarette butt that Thomas discarded and other DNA collected from the crime scenes. His first appearance in court came Monday, three days after authorities arrested him as he walked near his home in New Haven, Connecticut.

A judge ordered him held on $1.5 million bond in a 2007 sex assault case in New Haven -- one in which he held a new mother hostage, raped her in front of her 1-year-old, and threatened to kill the baby if she fought.


This sick bastard also stands accused of abducting three girls -- raping two of them at gunpoint -- in a 2009 attack in Prince William County, Virginia and countless other crimes. There is even speculation that he is guilty of more.

Thomas told authorities after his arrest that he has a "'Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde' personality" when it comes to women, according to CNN, setting the stage for what could be an insanity defense. But he better not try that.

Allegedly Thomas told detectives that he had "uncontrollable" urges that led him to the crimes. After his arrest, Thomas, who had been following the media coverage, asked police, "Why haven't you picked me up sooner?"

Clearly the man isn't right in the head, but they shouldn't let him get off any easier. It's one thing to have uncontrollable urges to eat or to run or to do something that only affects yourself. It's another to have "uncontrollable urges" when it comes to other people.

He raped a mother in front of her child and threatened to kill her child. He eluded police for years. Certainly he isn't of sound mind, but that doesn't make him insane. The very fact that he can say he is Jekyll and Hyde ought to prove he is sane. He knows right from wrong. He knows good and bad and he still chose to do bad.

This man will likely never see the outside of a prison cell no matter how he pleads, but in the court of public opinion, he doesn't get off so easily. This guy did what he did and knew it was wrong. He hurt these women and girls and he knew he was doing so. No excuses.

Do you think he is making excuses?


Image via Fairfax County Police Department

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