Marni Yang & Shaun Gayle: A Real Life Fatal Attraction

Marni Yang
Marni Yang
Today, during his girlfriend's murder trial, former Chicago Bear Shaun Gayle finally admitted on the stand that he had sex with Marni Yang, the woman accused of shooting his girlfriend Rhoni Reuter to death in 2007. Reuter was almost seven months pregnant with Gayle’s unborn daughter when she was killed.

Sounds like a real-life tale of Fatal Attraction, doesn't it? Well, it's actually worse, seeing that more than a rabbit lost its life in this horrible affair-turned-murder story.


Shaun Gayle must feel awfully guilty for stepping out on his pregnant girlfriend and carrying on with the lunatic who then turned around and shot her and her unborn child at least six times -- especially when the crime was most likely due to Yang's jealousy and some insane desire to "eliminate the competition." I mean, no one deserves to learn a lesson so brutally, as to lose a loved one and your unborn baby to murder. But doesn't it make you wonder ... about all the other details we don't know ...

Marni Yang maintains her innocence to the charges of first-degree murder, and her defense team is trying to present her as the true victim. However, Gayle admitted to sharing dinner and sex with Yang the night before Reuter was murdered. That doesn't look too good. Was Yang completely delusional about her very casual sexual affair with Gayle? I mean, it sounds like Gayle has a bit of a taste for wackjob women since he originally pointed the finger at another woman, Monica Kurowska, who he screwed and later filed a restraining order against?

Or was Gayle somehow, knowingly or unknowingly, leading Yang to believe more would come from their relationship in the future? Or worse, that things could become serious if he didn't already have a baby on the way with Reuter?

It's a horror and a scandal all at once, and the worst part is that the two innocent victims had nothing to do with that affair. It's awful to think one's seemingly casual choices can end up taking such a heartbreaking turn.

What's the worst thing you've seen come out of an affair?

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