Will Child Murderer Michael Woodmansee Kill Again?

handcuffsA Rhode Island community is reacting with shock and horror at the news that child murderer Michael Woodmansee will be released several years early from his prison sentence.

In 1983, Woodmansee confessed to the kidnapping and murder of 5-year-old Jason Foreman and got 40 years. The details of the case were particularly grisly: He kept the boy's skull and bones, along with a journal in which he wrote about consuming the victim's remains after the killing. Now, because of a prison reward system -- which shaves 10 days or more a month off inmates’ sentences for good behavior -- the 52-year-old Woodmansee is scheduled to be released 12 years sooner.

And, his neighbors couldn't be more terrified. Who wants a cannibalistic child murderer living in their community?


Frightened and angry residents in South Kingstown have even gone so far as to create a page on Facebook to protest his release. And one person who's particularly convinced that Woodmansee, once freed, will kill again, is John Foreman, the victim's father. He explained:

That's what [Woodmansee] thinks about. That's what is still on his mind I'm sure, if he gets out again, to do this again.

No wonder Foreman recently vowed to an area radio station to get revenge on his son's killer:

If this man is released anywhere in my vicinity or if I can find him after the fact, I do intend to kill this man.

It's an aggressive statement to be sure, but as the victim's father, can you really blame him?

Taking a cue from the outraged community members, the area police department has announced that Woodmansee is not welcome in South Kingstown. Police Chief Vincent A. Vespia said he does not know what Woodmansee plans to do upon his release and is hoping he won't return home:

I have taken the position that he is not welcomed in this community and that as a resident and the police chief, I don’t think it would be safe or prudent for him to be here.

If he does, his neighbors, including Foreman, will have to relieve the painful nightmare all over again.

Do you think Michael Woodmansee deserves a normal life?


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