Lent 2011: Guess What I'm Giving Up?

lentHappy Fat Tuesday, people. Live it up while you can because tomorrow is Ash Wednesday. The day strangers on the subway think you have a little schmutz on your forehead. We're gearing up for the kick-off of the Christian atonement season. That's right: the 40 days and 40 nights of Lent.

Lent doesn't mess around. It's one of the most important times on the Christian calendar -- when Christians all over the world prepare for the Holy Week with some serious acts of penance. Most give up a vice or something that is important to them to get closer to The Big Guy. I have heard of some who start something good during this time too (like exercise or volunteering), and some heavy hitters do both.

I'm Christian. Lutheran to be exact. I like to think of Lent as Spring Resolution Time. A perfect time to detox, shape up, think, "What can I do better?"

Each year, I give up something for Lent. Each year, I fail. Maybe I'm doing this wrong. 


According to my research, lots of people give up lots of things, but the five that popped up the most were:

1. Chocolate/Sugar/Dessert: I can't pick this. It's birthday season at my daughter's preschool. Think 23 birthday parties in a few month span. Think cake every Saturday. Think ice cream every Sunday. I'm setting myself up for failure if I choose this No-No.

2. Cigarettes: The good news is I don't smoke. The bad news is I can't choose this as my Lent No-No.

3. Caffeine: I didn't even give up caffeine when I was pregnant (don't get testy with me, ladies, I cut back). Not only will the withdrawal headaches force me to hurt someone by Day 3, I think I'd be so tired, I'd sleep for 40 days and 40 nights ... wait a sec, that actually sounds kinda nice.

4. Watching TV: I work at The Stir. I blog for a living. I recap Survivor as part of my job. Not gonna happen.

5. Swearing: No f#%*&^@! way I could do this.

So, I can't pick one of the most popular Lent No-Nos to, well, say no to. Mama has to think outside the box this year. I don't shop enough to give that up. I don't eat fast food enough to have that be a big deal. I don't yell enough to make that switch.

What do I love? What do I do every single day (often many times a day)? What, if I gave it up, would feel like a huge sacrifice? I've got it! For Lent, I'm giving up (pretend there's a drumroll, people) -- Angry Birds!

Fingers crossed I make it this year.

What will you give up for Lent?

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