Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii Teaches Us When It's Time to Blow

kilauea volcanoDear Kilauea volcano, I just want to thank you for your semi-eruption today. I'm thousands of miles from the Napau Crater in sunny, gorgeous Hawaii, but your little spitting incident (sorry, one shot of lava does not an eruption make) really made my frenetic, crazy, insane day better. You just reminded me that it's bad to bottle things up. Just get it out already!

You see, I've been sitting here in upstate New York this morning in deep mourning. My daughter is across the room watching Jake and the Never Land Pirates and giving incessant updates on every single moment of the show while I try to get some work done (emphasis on try). Yup, the school called another snow day. And when the call came in, I was indulging my own misery thinking about my gorgeous cousin in Hawaii, the cousin whose daughter is just 11 days younger than mine, the cousin who stopped dealing with "snow days" the day she up and moved her two kids across the country and off the continent.


Thank you for shooting out lava 65 feet into the air today Kilauea volcano. Because (fortunately) my cousin is perfectly safe, and so are her kids. In fact, park rangers told Reuters no homes were threatened and no campers were injured

But Kilauea totally put in perspective my cousin's Facebook status updates like "Sunburned, salty, and tired. What a great day!" on a day in February when I was layering on extra t-shirts under my hoodie in order to block out the wind. Because Kilauea, I get it. You've been living on Hawaii's Big Island for eons, and all people can talk about is the fun in the sun! They go on about the sandy beaches and the scrum-diddly-umptious luaus.

And it's about damn time someone took a little notice that you're suffering! You've got all this thousand-plus-degree goo roiling around inside of you, and all you hear day in and day out is "Hawaii, such a great place to visit, aren't you jealous you aren't here?" We hear Hawaii is great, but other people and, erm, volcanoes are suffering.

Kilauea, I'm going to take two lessons from you today. One: when you think you've got it bad, don't read somebody else's Facebook. They'll make you feel even worse. And two: it feels really good to get it out. I was cranky this morning. Now, I am calm. You could even say Zen-like -- or is there a Hawaiian version? Maybe I should visit and find out; when you're done spitting, of course. I hear my cousin has a couch ...

How are you feeling about a Hawaiian vacation right now?


Image via exfordy/Flickr

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