Marisol Valles Garcia Is One Bad Ass Mom From Mexico

Marisol Valles Garcia
Marisol Valles Garcia
We all want what's best for our children, including a safe neighborhood where you can go for a walk or to the park without fear. But how far would you be willing to go to ensure that kind of neighborhood for your kids?

Marisol Valles Garcia isn't called the bravest woman in Mexico for nothing. In October, the 21-year-old mother and criminology student actually stepped up to become police chief of the small Mexican town of Praxedis. You should also know the former police chief of Praxedis was kidnapped and beheaded in 2009, his head left as a warning outside the police station. See what we mean by BRAVE?

Of course, we'd love be able to report today that Valles Garcia managed to turn the dangerous drug- and crime-laden town into a peaceful, family-friendly place, but it doesn't appear to be the case.


At her swearing-in ceremony last October, Valles Garcia said:

I took the risk because I want my son to live in a different community to the one we have today. I want people to be able to go out without fear, as it was before.

Such an admirable cause but at the risk of your own life? When you're a mother and your child is counting on you? Yes, absolutely. In a press conference via the Associated Press, Valles Garcia explained:

I don't thought about if I'm here today but not tomorrow. What I say is I'm here today. For me, today and what I'm going to do today is what has value.

Wow. Unfortunately, her attempts to save the small town threatened by rivaling drug cartels may not have worked out as planned. According to a relative, Valles Garcia "received death threats from a criminal group that wanted to force her to work for them" and has reportedly fled, seeking asylum in the United States. Officials in the town, however, claim she's simply off taking a few personal days with her child.

Wherever Valles Garcia is, I just hope she's safe. I'm proud of her for standing strong for what's right. Even if she doesn't ultimately have to power to turn things around right away, she had the strength to try.

Could you imagine taking on such a dangerous job for the sake of your community?


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