Craig Ferguson Quits Charlie Sheen Mockery & Maybe We Should, Too

craig fergusonThis clip of Craig Ferguson talking about Charlie Sheen's public meltdown is from earlier in the week, but I think we can still appreciate the simple sentiment:

Charlie Sheen jokes just aren't funny anymore (if they ever were).

Ferguson, here, seems to be taking the high road, explaining that he's not going to be telling any more Charlie Sheen jokes on his show because he's uncomfortable "laughing at lunatics." I'm most certainly operating under the exact same code of ethics (and in no way completely fatigued by the whole debacle) when I desperately plead:

Can we stop laughing at Charlie Sheen already?


Here's Ferguson explaining why he wasn't above using Sheen as trashy material for his show in the past:

I'm a desperate man in a tight spot, and I have to do what I can to get through an hour of bad TV every night.

I think this statement could be used to explain the media's fascination and relentless coverage of Sheen in the last two weeks.

It's not like I blame the media. Or pretend I haven't done it, too. What can we say? It's been a slow news week. Readers aren't clamoring for posts about Libya. The Oscars were mind-numbingly boring. Heck, I wrote about cougars this morning! Of course, we're so bored that we're going to latch on to something as odd and disturbing as Charlie Sheen and his downward spiral.

But enough is enough. And as I watch the "hilarious" clips of Jimmy Fallon impersonating Sheen and Jon Cryer mocking him, I can't help but think: Why do people think mental illness is so funny? All we're watching is a sick man rambling and getting sicker by the minute. His kids have been taken away -- isn't anyone else terrified about how this story is going to end?

I'm not going to scold people for finding the Charlie Sheen train-wreck so very entertaining. But I am going to hope that we will soon tire of it.

Do you think Charlie Sheen jokes are funny?

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