Heartbeat Bill Music Video Begs Question: What Happens After the Heartbeat? (VIDEO)

The fetus scheduled to testify for the Heartbeat Bill -- a piece of legislation that would move to make abortion illegal after a heartbeat is detected -- now has some friends AND his/her own music video. It has been a big week for the fetus so let's take a moment to let that sink in ...

The fetus, which was scheduled appear before the Ohio House Health Committee via ultrasound to "speak" on Wednesday, supports the bill, which would, in some cases, ban abortion as early as 18 days after conception. Now there will be a second fetus joining in the festivities and both fetuses have a music video to celebrate.

Here is the video:


There are so many things wrong with this video, it's hard to know where to begin. First, let's just be clear in the fact that all of these dancing toddlers and babies in the YouTube video were pulled from the site. YouTube is public, of course, and anyone may use those images, but the idea that my baby's image might be used for this message that is so clearly misguided is disturbing beyond belief.

The message, in fact, is so misguided a stunt that even Ohio Right to Life hasn't endorsed the measure. Faith2Action, the anti-abortion group that is pulling the stunt, says the intent is to show lawmakers "who" will be affected by the bill.

So how on earth does this help their cause? We all know that pro-lifers care a lot about babies and fetuses, but what about the children and young adults those fetuses become? Why do we never hear about them? What about the mothers and pregnant women whose right to determine for themselves when life begins would be taken away by this bill? Why are adults less important to these groups than 9-week-old fetuses?

Forget the poor production quality of the video, the bad singing, the obvious cry for attention and publicity and focus on the facts: all of the resources groups like these spend planning stunts that prove nothing might be better used to help actual, real living people. If they want to help moms and children (ha!), maybe they could use those funds to buy food or clothing for women who already have children.

The problem with stunts like these is that they get a lot of attention, but ultimately do nothing. Even if the Heartbeat Bill goes through, what then? Are they going to stand by the bedside of every mother and guide her in how to parent her child? Are they going to make sure that every baby has food and a warm place to sleep their entire lives?

The answer, of course, is no. They care only about the heartbeat on a fuzzy ultrasound. They care only for the humans when they are tiny and cute. Once we are old enough to talk, we are totally on our own.

What do you think of this video?

Image via YouTube

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