Piers Morgan & Other Charlie Sheen Interviewers: Good Journalists or Ratings Whores?

charlie sheenThe Charlie Sheen train pulled into CNN last night and stopped for a live interview on Piers Morgan Tonight. To everyone's surprise, the Piers Morgan, Charlie Sheen collision wasn't a wreck. Some steam was blown off, but no crash and burn. Sheen seemed lucid and aware of what's been happening. Granted, he was more hyper than a Maltese whose water bowl was filled with espresso, but Sheen seemed altogether with it.

As Charlie's train rolls on and on through interviews and appearances, we've gotten the impression that this guy is on the brink of a major mental meltdown, if not on the brink of death. Since he insists he's sober and can prove it with clean drug test results, Charlie Sheen might actually be going nuts right before our eyes. While we armchair analysts have labeled him everything from bi-polar to schizo, does the media have a responsibility to Just Say No to Charlie?


Perhaps every outlet is clamouring for a Charlie interview to get a ratings boost. They know he's unpredictable and in a state of mind that is at least unusual, at most delusional, and might simply be taking advantage of his craziness. And I see nothing wrong with that.

I don't hold the media responsible for judging the mental lucidity or capacity of adult subjects willing and able to be interviewed. If Charlie wants to go on their shows, talk about Two and a Half Men and his goddesses, so be it. It's up to him to say "stop," or up to his loved ones to step in -- the media can't and shouldn't be the psychologists that tell him when to say when.

I hope Charlie stops the media tour. I agree with nearly everyone out there that he's not right, whatever that may mean, and shouldn't be going on TV right now. I want Martin Sheen to step in here (I can only assume he's a good guy from his role as President on the West Wing) and stop this crazy train from moving forward. Or Emilio. Or even Denise! I'll take an intervention moderated by Denise Richards at this point. I want it to stop, but I don't think the media should be the ones to do so.

Do you think the media has a responsibility to stop interviewing Charlie Sheen?

Photo via cbs.com

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