Congressman (& Tiger) David Wu Seems Like a Lot of Fun

david wuIf I had a nickle for every photo I've sent to my colleagues of me dressed in a tiger suit, I'd have 15 cents. If we asked Oregon Representative David Wu the same question? He'd, well ... he'd have five cents. And apparently that's five cents too many if you're a congressman.

The Democratic Rep. has gotten some negative attention in the past few days after going on ABC's George Stephanopoulos Tuesday to talk about the accusations of inappropriate behavior during his 2010 campaign and his supposed mental breakdown.

So he sent some silly photos from his Halloween party, and may or may not have taken some pain killers that were prescribed by a campaign donor. Unless he shaves his head and attacks a car with an umbrella, I say let bygones be bygones.


During the interview, Wu admits to having some issues back in 2010 and to taking care of them: "I did some things, I said some things which I sincerely regret now, and as a result of those things, I saw fit to consult professional help." Wu insists that he's all good and fit to serve now.

The Oregonians aren't that forgiving though, and the Register-Guard has called for him to step down. Not because of his wacky behavior, necessarily, but because he hasn't been forthcoming with his mental-health "problems." Many Republicans echo that sentiment.

Wu blames his breakdown on the stress during his 2010 campaign. If he "stays sane" and doesn't have any more mild freak-outs that land him in the loony-bin, I think we'll forget his name in no time (unless you're from Oregon or D.C.). Politicians have been accused of far worse and have kept their seats. Are affairs not mental breakdowns? That's some serious lapse in judgment, if you ask me.

Now where's my duck costume -- I need to spice up this Thursday with a little mass email to the co-workers.

Do you think Wu should resign?

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