Kate Middleton Is on Her Way to Filling Diana's Shoes

kate middleton prince williamI admit it -- I have a girl crush on Kate Middleton. She comes off as so darn sweet, down-to-earth, friendly, NORMAL, approachable ... genuinely likable! I'm not alone. It seems like the whole world is crazy for the Princess-to-Be. Currently, folks in Wales are singing her praises because Kate and fiance Prince William visited Trearddur Bay Lifeboat Station at Anglesey in North Wales today to christen a lifeboat. It was their first official duty together, and I'm not sure they could have looked any happier!

I mean, just look at this photo of the two. Prince William is clearly saying, "Well done, well done!" and Kate just glows!


According to the AP:

Middleton, with a big smile, poured champagne over the lifeboat after Prince William made a short statement asking that all those who used the boat be blessed.

The champagne bottle was not broken over the boat, as is traditional, because the lifeboat was an inflatable and it would not have been easy to crack the bottle on its bow.

Too cute! Has the modern world ever had such an adorable young royal couple to gush over?? Furthermore, and maybe even more importantly, it seems like Kate is already proving that she's going to be an amazing Princess. Not just because she has impeccable style and a cheery disposition, but because she's clearly a class act.

Case in point: During the ceremony today, Kate sang along to the Welsh national anthem -- "Hen Wlad fy NhaDau (Land of my Fathers)." She knew all the words, and locals were thrilled. It showed them that she's aware and respectful of the language and culture there. (Anglesey is a very Welsh-speaking part of the country.)

I don't think there's any need to necessarily compare Kate to similar public figures, but I have to say it's exciting and refreshing to see someone around my age (a Millennial, if you will) stepping up to the plate and coming off so elegant, charming, and gracious.

I'm really looking forward to seeing what else these two can accomplish together. After the example that Diana set, we know Kate has huge shoes to fill, but as I think we can already see, she's off to an amazing start!

Have you also totally fallen for Kate Middleton?


Image via Chris Jackson/Getty

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