Wisconsin Protesters' Entitlement Mindsets Create Thieves Where None Exist

jenny erikson
Jenny Erikson
As a conservative, I am often accused of being a selfish, heartless, mean girl. Somehow, believing that Americans are strong, hard-working people well capable of taking care of themselves and their communities means that I’m a thieving capitalist who only wants the rich to get richer. Oh, and for some reason I’m also a racist.

Let’s take a look at the current situation in Wisconsin. The public sector unions are protesting at the state’s Capitol against Governor Scott Walker’s plan to make the members pay a fraction of their own health insurance and retirement contributions, and to limit their ‘collective bargaining’ capabilities to salary alone (as opposed to benefits as well). I stand with Governor Walker on this issue (incidentally, so would Democratic hero FDR), which obviously means I’m joining the ‘attack’ on workers in Wisconsin.


Why is it that every time conservatives advocate for taxpayers keeping more of their own hard-earned money, we’re accused of stealing from the poor? The GOP opposes Obamacare, and Harry Reid claims we’re stealing from the middle class. If we so much as mention privatizing Social Security, John Boehner gets painted as a clown and we’re accused of trying to steal from people’s retirement accounts. (Newsflash: that money is already long gone.) Parents that support a voucher system so that they can choose the best schools for their children are guilty of defunding the public schools they are districted for.

It doesn’t matter to which page of the budget I flip -- if I suggest that people know how to spend their money better than the government, then I’m a Republican mean girl that only cares about the rich getting richer, even at the expense of the poor.

Public education isn’t what it used to be (hey, maybe school choice is a good idea!), but the concept of ownership isn’t very difficult to grasp. A person owns their labor, which they exchange for a paycheck. The more highly skilled labor a person does, the higher the compensation will be. This is why doctors that go to school for 20-plus years and work 90-hour weeks make more money than the barista who whips up your morning latte.

Pay attention, this next part is important: The doctor has not stolen anything from the barista by not emptying out his wallet to her. Likewise, the so-called wealthy (I like to call them job-creators) have not stolen anything from teachers with bloated benefits in Wisconsin by opposing tax-increases that would cripple their businesses.

If liberals insist on seeing thieves in this Wisconsin situation, I suggest they look at the teachers that are costing the Badger state up to $3,000,000 a day by calling in sick with fake doctors notes. Not only are the teachers getting paid not to work, they’re being paid to protest unfair working conditions. 

If people on the left want to accuse me of being a thieving Republican, they better make darn sure they’re not guilty of the crime themselves. Otherwise it just makes them look silly. 

Go back to work, teachers of Wisconsin. The kids are counting on you.


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