Love and Politics Go Together Like a Horse and Carriage

Heather Murphy-Raines/Scout's Honor
Valentine's Day may have made me a bit addlepated. My day was perfect -- but then motherhood and 15 years of marriage have made me a cheap date

Yes, I'm easy. I think most women feel similarly after a dozen or so years of marriage. There's a quiet assurance that doesn't need chocolate or grand gestures.

So imagine what love looks like after 60 years of marriage. I saw one such example in the form of a most adorable video recently. The love was so upfront and poignant. 

Nothing remarkable you say? Expected even?

Well perhaps unless you consider that in that besotted couple, the groom brought to tears while reading decades-old love letters to his bride was President George H. W. Bush. Yes, the former leader of the free world.

Seriously, I am shocked that I found a snippet in the mainstream media that was at all positive, but especially for a member of the Bush family. Aren't you?


No ripping them apart like crows? 

Attacking their painful miscarriages?

But something that makes everyone's heart go pitter-pat when they recognize the real deal:



Simply unheard of! I do not care what side of the political aisle you claim, is it not nice to see our elected leaders portrayed in a positive light for just once?

I never realized the stress I felt in my heart as I watch our leaders or former leaders picked apart for their personal lives on my home screen. This short little video, my friends?

It helped. 

It tore away at the bitterness I feel sometimes as a conservative as I watch denizens of a conservative stance ripped apart. Do not get me wrong, American politics need a healthy, argumentative, and even examination of our candidates and politicians. It just doesn't need to be so divisive. 

For the record, I feel the same with the glee some conservatives feel about tearing apart our current President Obama and his family too. The level of dehumanization is just heart-breaking.

So thank you, Today Show. Thank you for showing the Bush family in a positive light -- it is the first such example I have come across in a long time. As for us, I only hope we all can have a similar decades of love, yes?


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