Obama Budget Proposal Fails to Cut Spending

jenny erikson
Jenny Erikson
President Obama’s 2012 budget was released on Valentine’s Day, just in time to break conservative hearts everywhere. How many times do we have to say that we want less spending before he’ll listen to us? It’s more frustrating than trying to make a phone call using AT&T Wireless. 

The President’s self-proclaimed "responsible" budget will double the national debt from $13.56 trillion to $26.3 trillion by the end of 2021. Keep in mind that neither contractors nor the government ever comes in under budget.


President Obama claims that his budget reduces spending. Someone needs to tell him that two plus two does not equal three. It’s true that Obama’s budget reduces discretionary spending. It does this by redefining Pell grants (government-sponsored college scholarships for poor kids) and surface transportation spending as mandatory spending. The budget also reduces spending in Iraq and Afghanistan by $38.2 billion in 2012.

Obama’s 2012 budget increases spending, and it increases taxes on job creators. Probably not the best idea in an economic climate where Americans believe that unemployment is the number one issue to be tackled. Remember, a boss has to pay his taxes from somewhere. She might have to let an employee or two go to foot the bill.

One of the biggest increases in the proposed budget is education spending. Another increase goes to low-income housing. Fifteen billion dollars is slated to go to research and development for a national broadband network. You know, because high-speed Internet is a basic human right that should be subsidized by people who actually pay taxes. 

Meanwhile, fraud and irresponsible spending run rampant in every area of government spending. Medicare fraud alone accounts for an estimated $60 billion a year flushed down the toilet. There are teachers literally paid not to work, because their union contracts make them practically impossible to fire. The Pigford reparations have scammed Americans out of more than $2 billion. There are people in California being paid by the federal government to play video games. Good work, if you can get it.

Money has value. Government agencies don’t treat our money with any respect because they assume they can always go get more -- from the Social Security lockbox, from China, or from our kids and grandkids. We need to end the idea that there’s a bottomless pit of Benjamins that can be pulled from every time a politician wants to study trains

There are only so many tax-paying Americans left, and they have only so much money to give. If funding for various programs was decreased, the people in those government agencies would be forced to be more careful with how they spent it. Racking up an un-payable debt because bureaucrats fail to understand that money doesn’t grow on trees is unacceptable. 

There is more than enough money in the system -- it’s just being misspent because it has lost all value. Every dollar spent by Uncle Sam is a dollar that has been taken from someone that probably would’ve rather spent it somewhere else. It would behoove our politicians to remember that.


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