CPAC Honors Michelle Duggar, Befuddles Conservatives Everywhere

michelle duggarThe absence of Sarah Palin from last week's 2011 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) meant that other powerful conservative women for once had their chance in the spotlight -- powerful conservative women like ... Michelle Duggar?

For its Woman of the Year Luncheon over the weekend, CPAC honored the matriarch of TLC's 19 Kids and Counting. Some people scratched their heads in confusion over the fact that a reality TV star would be recognized as the conservative movement's top female leader over more obvious candidates like Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann or South Dakota Rep. Kristi Noem.

But if you take some time to reflect on it, Michelle Duggar as CPAC's Woman of the Year makes perfect sense ...


*The "cons" represent the reasons why some (rather harsh) critics might think Michelle is an unlikely choice for Woman of the Year. These are each followed by an explanation as to why the title is, of course, rightfully hers.


Con: Michelle's only claim to fame is that she has had way too many kids and then filmed it.

Ah, but remember: By birthing 19 children, Michelle has proven she's one of the bravest women in the world. And, if courage isn't a necessary characteristic of a good leader, then I don't know what is. She -- and her amazing uterus and ovaries! -- should get all the awards, end of story.


Con: Michelle forces her older children to help raise the younger children.

It's been proven time and time again that good leaders do not manage every tiny detail -- rather, they delegate. Michelle and her husband can't possibly take care of all these kids by themselves; enlisting the help of their older children makes good, practical sense.


Con: Michelle exploits her family on TV.

Television is an effective tool in self-promotion, which in turn is key to strong leadership. From TLC star to President of the United States -- hey, isn't that Palin's strategy?


Con: Michelle glorifies giant families.

Michelle knows what she wants, goes after it, and succeeds. And isn't this how we would define the epitome of a strong woman?

Do you think Michelle Duggar is the rightful Woman of the Year?


Image via TLC

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