Maksim Gelman Stabbing Rampage: Next 'Law & Order' Epsiode?

maksim gelmanOn Friday, a 23-year-old Brooklyn man, Maksim Gelman, stabbed three people to death, wounded another with a knife, and then ran over another person with a car. That person later died. Then Gelman went missing. It sounded like a scene straight from Law & Order where a person goes ballistic for reasons unknown and goes around murdering people. And even though people will read this and think oh it's NYC these things happen all the time, they really don't.

When I saw the photo of Maksim flashed on the news, and how young he was, how he didn't look like a cold-blooded killer, it made me even more concerned. How does a person go on a rampage like this and not get caught? Isn't NYC supposed to be on high alert for terrorism? Shouldn't someone have been able to stop him? What was his motive? It's a tangled story ....


First Maksim murdered his 54-year-old step-father, Aleksandr Kuznetsov, by stabbing him numerous times early on Friday. Then 11 hours later (11 hours!!!), a 911 call revealed more stabbings in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, just a few blocks away from the first stabbing. That's when Maksim killed his 20-year-old girlfriend Yelena Bulchenko and her 56-year-old mother Anna Bulchenko.

I'm not the only one outraged that this kid was on the loose for 11 hours and was able to brazenly kill more people in the same area, am I?

It gets worse.

The killer tried to get away in a car he stole, then he dumped that and hijacked another car, stabbed the driver, and then ran over and killed a pedestrian. All on Friday!

The latest news is that he was caught on the 3 train near Times Square after stabbing another person. People on the train said Gelman was banging on the subway conductor's door yelling: "My girlfriend ruined my life!"

More details will emerge and I'm willing to bet that Law & Order will soon be writing up a script to include this "ripped from the headlines" story in an upcoming episode.

Do you get freaked out when you hear stories like this? What do you think of Law & Order depicting real stories?


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