Chandra Levy Killer Sentenced to 60 Years, But Is He the Right Guy?

ingmar guandique killer chandra levyIngmar Guandique, 29, the accused murderer of Chandra Levy, has been found guilty and sentenced to 60 years in prison. Chandra’s mother, Susan, had a few choice words for her daughter's killer -- telling him to “rot in hell."

If only we could send him there. A 60-year sentence seems paltry, at best, considering what the Levy family went through. Not to mention the complete and utter destruction of then-Congressman Gary Condit’s career.

Yup, sending Ingmar Guandique to hell would be the perfect punishment. That is, if he really did kill Chandra Levy.


I want to believe he is guilty and that the case is solved, with justice served. But there is an appalling lack of evidence against the man.

By the time he was charged with Chandra’s murder, the police were desperate to arrest someone and put the case to bed. Their main suspect, Gary Condit, remained untouchable. So, they needed someone to pin the crime on. It just happened that Ingmar was already serving time for attacking women in the same park where Chandra ran every day. 

But that’s it. I’m invoking my rights as an armchair psychologist here: Why would a man who simply robbed women suddenly escalate to kidnapping and murder? He wouldn’t. Not when he had a long pattern of the former crime. You would expect to see a slow but steady escalation in the severity of the crimes. Plus, there’s no real physical evidence against Ingmar. The police also failed to find any witnesses -- leading to very little in the way of evidence.

So maybe justice is being served -- at least Ingmar is getting plenty of prison time for the attacks he did commit. But he may not be serving time for the crime he’s been sentenced to today.

What do you think of the Chandra Levy outcome?

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