Michelle Obama's $495 Gardening Boots Irk Me

jenny erikson
Jenny Erikson
In a post I wrote regarding Michelle Obama and her plans to parent our children for us, I remarked about her $495 Tory Burch gardening boots. A few of the comments wondered why I brought them up, and why, as a capitalist, would I have a problem with pricey shoes?

The boots were mentioned to remind readers of how out of touch with reality the First Lady is. The average American mama doesn’t have a single pair of shoes in her closet that cost that much, let alone gardening boots. When I’m inclined to work outdoors, I put on a pair of three-year-old sneakers that are practically falling apart.


Referring to the self-appointed mom-in-chief’s aloofness when it comes to relating to us regular moms was useful to drive home the point that she is not qualified to make our parenting decisions for us. Only the best for the Obamas, whether it’s boots, school, vacation, vacation, vacation, or vacation. The rest of us can eat cake. Or carrot sticks.

These are hardly people I want making decisions for me.

How I can be a capitalist and also be peeved at the first family for spending money? After all, aren’t I supposed to love it when money is injected into the economy by a purchaser’s free will to buy and a seller’s free will to provide goods and services? I do like that. What I don’t like is extravagant personal purchases being made by someone who subscribes to a philosophy of economic justice and wealth redistribution.

It’s highly hypocritical of Mrs. Obama to buy niceties for herself while her husband insists that I part with more and more of my hard-earned dollars to pay other people’s medical bills. My gas bills are going up because Obama won’t allow any drilling. I’m paying $2 or more for a head of lettuce because Obama won’t put pressure on California officials to put people ahead of fish.

Due to Barack and Michelle Obama’s policies, I can’t afford to buy fancy boots, yet she has the audacity to do it herself and rub my nose in it by gardening in them. If she and her husband were helping create an economic climate in which I could keep more of my money and buy my own boots, I wouldn’t care. To each their own. But she and her husband are denying me that opportunity. 

That’s why I have a problem with Michelle Obama’s fancy-schmancy boots, and why I thought they were worth a mention. Thanks for asking.


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