Is Republican Representative Julia Hurley Still 'Working' for Hooters?

julia hurleyTennessee state legislator Julia Hurley is crediting Hooters for her success. The restaurant chain that promotes chicken wings and low self-esteem is featuring 29-year-old Hurley in their magazine as an example of a successful Hooters girl.

The rest of the magazine shows tan girls in bikinis and tight shirts.

I'm not exactly sure why she's giving Hooters all the credit for her success.

It's the people she needs to thank whom she met on the job, not a bright orange food service chain that is notorious for objectifying women.


The Republican Representative is also a mother -- she gave birth at the very young age of 15.

There is no doubt in my mind that Hurley had an unimaginable time growing up and trying to make ends meet. Hooters gave her a job, despite having gained weight, she says (sigh), and that the money she earned there put her through college and helped to get her elected.

I would argue, however, that it wasn't Hooters, per se, that helped her. It was a kind manager who taught her business skills, and it was the support group of the waitresses who could relate to Hurley's story. I would much rather her give an interview thanking the wonderful people she's met along her long road to the state capital, instead of giving all the credit to Hooters for making it happen.

But wait a second. I smell something fishy. Something fishy covered in barbecue sauce and dipped in blue cheese dressing.

A lot of the donations for her campaign came from former regular customers at her Hooters who handed over contributions "without question or hesitation."

Is this why Hurley is crediting Hooters?

It seems a little ironic that a conservative, Southern Baptist, NRA member would win an election by getting the support of an ill-reputed restaurant chain that objectifies women. By all means, be proud of the job you've done, but does she need to brag about it and go so far as credit a place that exploits the female form?

What do you think of Julia Hurley crediting Hooters for her success?

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