Michelle Obama 'Today Show' Appearance Reveals Who Wears the Pants in the First Family

Michelle ObamaMichelle Obama showed once again this morning on the Today Show that she's got her husband's back. President Barack Obama, she says, does not dye his hair. Hear that? No salon treatments for POTUS.

Mrs. Obama? A word? Why the heck not? Doesn't the president deserve a little pampering at the hands of a kindly cosmetologist?


After all, Mrs. O. was supposed to be celebrating the year anniversary of her Let's Move initiative to fight childhood obesity. Instead she had quite a lengthy conversation with Matt Lauer this morning laying out just how tough it is to be Mr. Obama. She faced down questions about Egypt, about raising kids in the public eye, about Bill O'Reilly and the Fox nation "hating" her husband. He's got a tough gig, no doubt about it. As the First Lady said:

I don't think there's an issue my husband deals with that isn't tough. It's hard being the president of the United States.

Then she confirmed that the president has been off the cigarettes for an entire year. He doesn't even have nicotine to give him a little break. She says he doesn't care about his appearance, but this man could actually USE the makeover.

Look at any picture of a president at the time of their inauguration and another at the time of their departure from the White House, and you see a man who has aged drastically. In a gallery of "extreme aging" among presidents a year ago, the Daily Beast came up with photos that made one year in Obama's life look like 10 in the average American's. And no wonder: he's had the worst economy in decades to deal with, health care, the Tea Party. This man, any man in his position, deserves some R&R, but there's very little time to take it.

So what's the big deal Obama fam? Sure, there's the history. During the campaign, people were accusing the then-Senator of faking the grays to look like a more experienced silver fox. Then he got into office, and they swung back the other way. And now it's back on the table. Ever since photogs snapped the president looking even more dapper than usual at a state dinner in January with Chinese president Hu Jintao, his coif notably darker, the rumors have been full force: our president is a faker, faker, belly-acher!

But Mrs. O, I've got to tell you what my parents said when I was a teenager and shaved my head in a fit of rebellion: "It's just hair."

I'd rather have a president who admits he gets his moment of zen at the hands of a colorist than a president who is getting BJs under the desk in the Oval Office to cool off. Some call it vanity; I call it a nice, legal, healthy way of letting off steam that doesn't take him off the job for more than a few hours.

He's got it tough, but he'll be a better president if he takes time for himself to recoup his wits. So why not? Heck, if he's nervous, I'll volunteer to do some spa time with the pres.

What do you think? If he was open about dyeing his hair, would you really care?


Image via DVIDSHUB/Flickr

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