Dude, Car Surfing Is Not a Good Idea (VIDEO)

Car surfing, the latest "sporting" trend for teens, is absolutely HORRIFYING. If you didn't catch it, this morning's Today Show featured the parents of a Florida teen who was killed in a car surfing incident. Not quite clear on what the "sport" entails, but you can only imagine?

Supposedly, one teen drives and another climbs on top of the car, trying to hold their balance while the vehicle is in motion. Sometimes, drivers themselves will climb on top of their own cars, leaving the driver's seat empty. Sounds ... BRILLIANT!

Two teens died in Florida this week, thanks to car surfing. One of two young men who died in the incident had been illegally riding on the vehicle's running boards.

The 18-year-old driver responsible for the deaths was only sentenced to four years in prison for vehicular manslaughter. Somehow, that just doesn't seem like enough to make up for what these parents are going through ... 


Law enforcement officers say they're keeping an eye out for car surfing incidents, which seem to be on the rise. If you check out YouTube, there are thousands of videos of teens participating in dangerous car surfing stunts -- riding on top, on the side of, or behind moving vehicles. I do not recommend searching for said videos unless you want to completely and utterly lose faith in humanity.

Are you kidding me? It was one thing when Marty McFly hopped on his Hover Board and clung to the side of a time-traveling DeLorean. But, uh, hello, that was a movie!!! Are these car surfing kids so stupid that they think all they're going to walk away with from the "game" is an adrenaline rush? They'll be lucky if all they walk away with is a concussion.

As it turns out, 58 percent of reported car surfing incidents ended in death. Duh. Who are the bozos doing it? Seventy percent of 'em are teen guys aged 15-19. Wow. I used to think they were total idiots when I was a teen, but now I KNOW they are!

All joking aside, I understand that adolescence is difficult, especially for testosterone-packed guys, but can't they get a rush in some other, obviously non-lethal way? Doesn't getting tackled in football or smashed against the boards in hockey cut it anymore? I guess not.

At any rate, I guess it's good for parents to be aware of this new threat, and do what they can to encourage their teens to stop being total morons ... and maybe to try a skateboard or a Wii game instead.

Here, a video of the segment from the Today Show ...

What do you think about this car surfing trend?


Image via Jim Kelly/Flickr

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