Leave Mark Zuckerberg Alone: He's NOT the Father of Facebook

Mark ZuckerbergFacebook users of the world, we have a new enemy. Mark Zuckerberg, it turns out, is not the Father of Facebook. Repeat, not the daddy.

At least not according to a mailing sent out to new residents of Dobbs Ferry, New York, from one Edward J. Zuckerberg, D.D.S., F.A.G.D., touting the Painless Drz office as the right pick for a "new dentist." Says this NYU-trained tooth doc:

Technologically, I am proud to inform you that my office has always been on the cutting edge of early adopters of technology. Indeed I am literally the "Father of Facebook"!

There it is! A genius marketing ploy that's sure to get him a few laughs if nothing else (we're giggling).


The good doc offers no basis for his claims in the letter -- although naturally there's a Facebook URL at the top, right under the physical address of his practice (he already has 900 fans!). It's more a petition to make you feel like his is the dentist office that's not dentist-like (listen to your own music on your iPod while they drill!). But newcomers to Dobbs Ferry will likely have already heard they're moving to the hometown of the one and only Facebook creator. Put two and two together, and yes, you guessed it, Edward is Mark's proud papa.

He's not claiming invention so much as creation of the inventor. So we're willing to wager this is one claim of Facebook founding that won't land in court with the rest of the million-dollar lawsuits Mark is settling right and left these days.

In fact, Mark would be smart to let his dad run with this. Privacy issues? You'll have to talk to my dad. But be warned, he's just a dentist. He doesn't know much about this HTML business. Breastfeeding photos won't stay up? Well, you know, Dad's getting up there in years. It's been awhile since I was a baby (26 years to be exact); he isn't really up on the latest in lactivism.

If this could backfire on anyone, really, it will be Dr. Edward! He'd better hope none of his potential patients just had their Facebook account raided by a hacker claiming to have been mugged in London. They won't be buying his "non-invasive" dentistry sales pitch, and he could be feeling the pain in his wallet.

Do you think this is smart marketing?


Image via denneyterrio/Flickr

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