Does Your Zodiac Sign Make You a Crappy Driver?

libraAs a Libra, I've always been proud knowing that my personality traits are characterized by balance, fairness, intellect, compassion, charm, tact -- really, the list could go on and on. This week I Iearned I have even more reason to feel superior.

According to Allstate insurance company, as a Libra, I'm apparently assumed to be great driver -- especially when compared to people with other zodiac signs. (If you didn't already know, Virgos and Leos are the worst drivers on the road.)

Surely, this means my rates are about to drop, right?


If this all sounds like a ridiculous hoax -- that's exactly because IT IS. But not everyone is laughing ...

Hoping to capitalize on the recent fervor surrounding the new zodiac sign dates, Allstate issued a tongue-in-cheek press release displaying the accident rates of drivers according to their zodiac signs. Virgo, Leo, and Taurus were at the top of the list for being the most accident-prone; Cancer, Ophiuchus, and Scorpio were among the safest. (To see the full list, click the link.)

From the original press release:

Over the past year, Virgos were nearly 700% more likely to be in a car accident when compared to the determined and aware Scorpio.

Even though the data the insurance company used was real (based on the birthdays of customers actually involved in accidents), the whole premise was supposed to be a joke. Allstate in no way intended to suggest that its rates were determined by zodiac signs -- and yet that's exactly how many outraged customers interpreted the news.

The company yanked the release from its site and released the following apology:

We recently issued a press release on zodiac signs and accident rates, which led to some confusion around whether astrological signs are part of the underwriting process ... Astrological signs have absolutely no role in how we base coverage and set rates.

Allstate may have retracted its release ... But I think we all know there may be some value in using zodiac signs to determine how we act on the road.

Do you think zodiac signs are more telling than driving tests?

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