Northern Michigan University on Lockdown After Threats Against Students

Northern Michigan University

Northern Michigan University

Officials at Northern Michigan University say they have everything under control after a telephone threat sent the university and local school communities in Marquette into a precautionary frenzy this morning.

The threat is said to have been made against students, faculty, and others and led to a lockdown of Northern Michigan University where several office buildings were evacuated, as well as the closure of Marquette area public schools.


Cindy Paavola, the university's director of community relations, said:

The caller threatened that there would be harm to students, faculty, staff, and administrators. They didn't identify particular people, but it was a wide-ranging threat and we are taking it seriously.

We don't know the seriousness of the threat because we haven't caught up with this person. Rather than be sorry, we're going to be safe.

The threat was not actually made by telephone. The caller was simply reporting the threat
made on a blog
on the Internet and which police determined to be a credible threat.

Threats like this are so scary, and because of all the college campus and school violence we have seen that centered around an online threat or foreshadowing, we know the importance of taking all necessary precautions whenever possible.

Here's to hoping the rest of their day is uneventful in Northern Michigan!

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