Indiana THUNDERSNOW Freaks Out Weatherman Jim Cantore! (VIDEO)

jim cantoreSnowtorious B.I.G. is hitting the Midwest hard, and I can sense the weather-excitement from my desk! The Indiana State Police have issued storm safety tips, Indiana Homeland Security has declared a state of emergency for some counties, and INDOT says road conditions are terrible.

The blizzard blasting the Midwest is dropping record-breaking amounts of snow all over the Chicago area, and I for one am loving the media coverage of the storm. It's like I'm in it!

You know I love a blizzard. You know I love THUNDERSNOW. But did you know that there's someone else out there who possibly loves it more?! The Weather Channel's Jim Cantore freaks OUT when he witnesses THUNDERSNOW. But really, who wouldn't? Video after the jump that will make your day.


Just to tease you a bit, here are some choice sound-bites from the most excited weatherman ever, Jim Cantore:

Oh JESUS! Listen to that! SON OF A ... ! ... That's UNBELIEVABLE!

Holy SMOKE! Just ... INCREDIBLE! ... ROBBIE!!!!! Twice in one storm, BABY!!!!!

Here's the entire video from, and it's worth waiting through the obligatory ad to watch it.

If you just want a sneak peek, below is a YouTube clip to whet your palate.

I'm so happy. Thank you, THUNDERSNOW, for all the smiles you've brought me in the last 24 hours. I miss you already.

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