DFW Shuts Down: Super Bowl Snowed Out? (VIDEO)

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Snowed Out?
If you haven't heard the "Do not travel!" warnings today, you must not be watching The Weather Channel obsessively. Most of the nation is smack dab in the middle of a thunderstorm, ice storm, blizzard, and/or white out. And that includes Dallas, Texas, where the Super Bowl is happening this Sunday.

Here's hoping you weren't heading to Texas today to start tail-gating early. As you can see in the video below, Dallas is getting its butt kicked by ice and snow and the Green Bay Packers even had trouble trying to get to the stadium, even before the DFW airport was shut down this morning. If that highly motivated group of people from the north are struggling to get to the Super Bowl, I'm not sure if mere mortals have a chance.


As you can see, it's rather unpleasant there right now and roads are iced over. Tulsa is having a record amount of snowfall, and roads in Missouri are closed to all traffic due to high winds and snow. Airports are closing intermittently, and those that are open are experiencing serious delays. Really, there's no good way to travel in the middle of this aggressive storm.

Hopefully in a few days this thundersnow experience will be cleaned up and travelers will be on their way to the field. Otherwise, this will be the saddest Super Bowl crowd we've ever seen.

Did you have plans to travel in this weather?


Image via americanistadechiapas/Flickr

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