Emergency School Closings: Midwest Braces for THUNDERSNOW!

blizzardA humungo blizzard is headed for Northern Illinois and Northwest Indiana and emergency school closings are happening all over the area. Some schools are open today, but it's likely most will close early to give families time to get home before the worst of it starts.

In the Chicago area, up to two feet of snow are expected with winds reaching 60 miles per hour. Cheese and rice! Now that's a blizzard. The weather service warns:

Unnecessary travel should be avoided at all costs this afternoon through early Wednesday morning ... consider if getting to your destination is worth putting your life at risk.

Boom! You go, weather service! I love the hype. But this storm better deliver or you're going to have some serious egg on your face.

But the coolest warning of all? THUNDERSNOW. Ever heard of it?


Me neither. But then again, I'm from the southeast. Thundersnow sounds dangerous, exciting, and like a clear sign of the apocalypse. It also sounds like a great name for a roller coaster. (Six Flags in the midwest, contact me for naming rights.)

And I'm not making "thundersnow" up. The weather service says:

It is not uncommon to see snowfall in excess of four inches per hour in thundersnow, making travel nearly impossible.

Holy snow storm, Snow Man! I haven't heard anything about lightning during thundersnow, but that would be pretty spectacular.

The forecast is not easing up at all, so Midwesterners take heed. Get home, get safe, and turn on the local news to see your weatherman make a fool of himself when he tries to report from outside.

And take some pics and send 'em in! I'd love to see them. Stay warm and stay safe!


Photo via Sarah_Ackerman/Flickr


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