Pot Catapult: Mexican Drug Dealers Go Medieval

pot catapult mexico u.s. border
Not Actual Catapult
Apparently the underground tunnels for smuggling drugs across the Mexico/U.S. border are sooo 2010. Some ambitious law-breakers have been caught on film using a catapult to sling pot over the fence and into the bongs of Americans. You would not be faulted for checking your calender to make sure we haven't time-traveled back a thousand years and across the world.

I have to admit my first assumption when I read there was a "pot catapult" on the U.S./Mexico border was that civilian vigilantes were filling up cast iron pots with boiling oil and aiming it at any illegals they saw attempting to cross. But this time, the ridiculous, if ingenious, behavior is on behalf of the drug dealers smuggling illegal substances into the U.S.

Take a look at this crazy contraption. 


Clearly, these guys have been busted. So allow me to present a few other "classic" methods of getting those drugs across the border. Just in case someone else has some time on their hands and wants to break some more laws. I'm helpful like that.

Trojan Horse -- Border patrol will just think you're bringing us an elaborate gift!

Dragons -- Who says they don't exist?

Launch a Crusade -- Just gin up some kind of crazy religion that demands the bringing of the weed to the people. You'll certainly attract wacky fanatics who would give their life to get over that border in the name of drug delivery.

What do you think about this pot catapult?


Image via wolfsavard/Flickr

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