MTA Surprised By Storm, Makes My Commute Hell

snow on bikesHi there, folks. I'm reporting to you live from Snowtorious B.I.G. here in New York City. This Northeast blizzard has totally caught me by surprise, but I don't think anyone was more surprised than the MTA.

The MTA buses, MTA subway, and the Metro North train schedule are, officially speaking here people, pretty effed up. If you plan on leaving your bed today, check the MTA schedule before making a move.

After the jump, I've got a first-hand account and some sweet photos of this monster bitch of a storm, and we'll talk to our D.C. correspondent and your favorite Economist, aka my mom, to get her take on the situation down in the nation's capital.


Mom, what's up in D.C.?

Well, I’m here in the office downtown -- we had a two hour delayed opening for the government. We got 8 inches in D.C. It took some people 7 hours to get home -- and stories all over the news of people taking 5 plus hours to commute. There are abandoned cars all over -- I counted 8 -- some just sitting in the middle of the highway. Unfortunately one of those tall scrubby pines broke off by the pool and fell on Romansky’s garage roof and then on to their driveway. Think their insurance handles it, but still a pain.

Thank you for that, Mom, and our thoughts and prayers are with the Romanksy family as they deal with that fallen tree.

Things here in NYC are similar -- lots of abandoned cabs and the streets and sidewalks are still a freaking disaster. I tried taking the 6 train from Astor Place to 28th Street, but had to abandon at 14th when they announced we'd be stuck there for 10-20 minutes. The commute was hell -- soggy, treacherous, full of whiny people with runny noses ... but at the same time, kinda perty.

Here are some action shots I snapped on my way to work this morning from the East Village to Murray Hill.

snow on tree
Pretty tree! Snowtorious B.I.G leaves her mark in Tompkins Square Park.

snow on stop light
Green means go slowly.
snow on car
This reminds me of cake and now I'm hungry.
If you're in the Northeast, I want to hear your snow stories!

Photos via me.


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