Soldier Proposes to Wrong Woman, Help Get His Message to His True Love

miltary kissYoung love during wartime -- is there anything more romantic and timeless? So much love, and sometimes not enough time, with such danger.

Diane Potts, a 44-year-old mother of three, received a blazing sample of such a love on her answering machine. A soldier left a message on it declaring his love for the mother of his soon-to-be-born child. He mentioned the recent death of a buddy from his unit. He mentioned she couldn't call him back right away since he was going to be out of touch for 30 days. He told her how much he loved her and his unborn child. And then he proposed.

Sadly, the message was left on the wrong woman's answering machine. Yes, the soldier left a 90-second message on Diane Potts' machine, but that message -- and proposal -- was meant for a woman named "Samantha."


"I could tell he was speaking from a phone booth, the line was quite crackly. I was shocked, and had to listen to it again before the message sunk in," Potts told the Daily Mail. "I think he probably dialed incorrectly, and that his girlfriend’s number is similar to mine."

On the message, he calls the mysterious Samantha "the love of my life."

Heart-wrenching, no?

Here's what we know: The soldier is British. He's in Afghanistan. He recently lost a fellow soldier -- blown up in his unit. His true love's name is Samantha and she is having their baby.

Listen to his message:


I've been on the end of such a crackly call. My husband deployed in the Sinai, Osama bin Laden having just attacked an embassy a mere few countries away. I remember how much those calls meant. A life line is a desperate world. I sat in Alaska with my toddler, willing him to call.

I can only imagine what this call would mean to Samantha -- especially if something were to tragically happen to this young soldier before his tour is over. He sounds scared. He knows too well how much danger he is in. The mother of this soldier's child deserves to know how much she is loved.

Life is too short, my friends. Let's make sure this proposal gets spread around the world so somehow it finds it's way to Samantha. Share, Tweet it, email it, and Stumble it. Let's find Samantha!

Image via The National Guard/Flickr

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