Girls Basketball Team Slaughters Opponent 108-3 -- Why Didn't Moms Stop the Game?

Girls BasketballIf you go to West Ridge Academy in Utah and you play girls' varsity basketball, I'd like to give you a hug. Dang -- you girls got your butts handed to you this week by those brutes at Christian Heritage High. Oof!

West Ridge lost to Christian Heritage by 105 points. The final score was 108-3. Christian Heritage, carry the one ... averaged two baskets every minute.

There are a few questions I'd like answered. Firstly, how did West Ridge get the three points? Was it a trey-ball, or did someone convert on a foul shot after making a lay-up? What, I'm curious!

And secondly, who the hell would let a Christian Academy beat the dying shit out of a team? Where was the mercy?


The Christian Crusaders' coach, Rob McGill, defended the West Ridge slaughter to Utah's ABC 4 news:

I didn't want to taunt them, I didn't want to embarrass them ... Too many people in the world allow the youth to not be as good as they can be, allow them to be lazy.

Ex-squeeze me? Baking powder? At what point, Coach McGill, did you think this wasn't embarrassing West Ridge? You didn't think for a second that this blood-bath was humiliating your opponent?

Please. He goes on:

I'm giving them an opportunity to live up to the best of their abilities and be proud. If that's what I'm being blamed for, then OK, I accept it.

Is there pride in beating a dead horse?

I understand that this is a game that needs a winner and a loser. I also understand a lot about girls' high school varsity basketball (I co-led my team to a third place finish in the Commonwealth of Virginia thank-you-very-much), so I can tell you first hand that I did not feel proud, accomplished, nor happy when we handily beat a weaker opponent. I didn't feel good.

And where were the parents at this game? I would be surprised if none of them was shouting from the stands, calling for the refs to end the game. It would seem hard to watch your child lose like that, but completely unbearable to watch your child win like that.

Maybe I'm a softie, but I am pro Mercy-rule.

What about you?

Photo via Ilan's Photos/Flickr
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