Michele Bachmann SOTU Response: What Was She Looking At?

michele bachmann tea party responseFor those of you who couldn't get enough of President Obama's State of the Union speech last night, and the Republican response by Representative Paul Ryan, the Tea Party brought you its own very special response by Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann. While I was hoping for a Palin, Bachmann did a good job of stirring up some controversy and raising more than one question, including: What the heck was she looking at during her speech?

The logical answer was that Bachmann was looking at the wrong camera, and seemingly no one at CNN bothered to tell the Congresswoman. But I'm suspicious that Representative Bachmann knew exactly what she was doing when she tore apart President Obama's speech.

In fact, here's what I'm thinking Bachmann's eye trick was actually all about.

  • Like a magician, Bachmann wants you to avert your eyes so you don't actually notice that her charts are inaccurate as she attributes Bush-era policies that increased the national debt, and skyrocketing unemployment rates, to President Obama.
  • On high alert for sabotage by the other half of the GOP that wishes they'd never heard of the Tea Party.
  • The 2012 presidential polls.

What did you think about Michele Bachmann's speech?


Image via CNN

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