Top 16 State of the Union 2011 Address Buzz Words

President Obama
President Obama, earlier today
Okay, so the transcript for President Obama's State of the Union 2011 Address has been released and President Obama just took the podium for his address. Curious what the President will be talking about? His key points? Wondering if they match up with your hopes for the country? Are his buzz words your buzz words?

Well, we'll make it easy for you. Here's a count on some of the speech's top buzz words. Hey, maybe you don't even have to watch/listen/engage this time because our summary will give you a good overview of what the President is going to cover.

Maybe you'll be pleasantly surprised ... maybe not ... you decide!


Top 16 State of the Union 2011 Address Buzz Words

(and number of times they're mentioned in the speech)

  • Jobs - 25 (obviously)
  • Future - 15 (yes!)
  • Education - 10 (hooray!)
  • Innovation - 9
  • Republicans - 9
  • Democrats - 8 (one less ... was that planned?)
  • Health Care - 8 (dum dee dum dum)
  • Health - 7
  • Together - 6 (true love always!)
  • Change - 5
  • Tax Cuts - 4 (this scares Democrats)
  • Invest - 4 (this equally scares Republicans)
  • China - 4
  • Faith - 3
  • Bipartisan - 2
  • Compromise - 1 (whoops! just one mention?)

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Do these buzz words match up with what you want(ed) to hear from the President tonight?

Image via The White House

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