State of the Union: 10 Hilarious Questions Obama Must Address

president obamaPresident Obama's State of the Union address is tonight (at 9 p.m. ET), and pundits and bloggers all over the Internet are speculating as to which of the nation's most pressing issues he'll choose to mention.

But the real fun begins on Thursday, January 27, when President Obama answers online questions from the public on YouTube.

Got a burning question for the Prez? Submit it online (with the tens of thousands of other Americans who have already done so). Only the best questions will be chosen for the online interview, and I think it's pretty safe to say:

The following 10 questions definitely aren't among them.


(The following 10 submissions have been gleaned from the YouTube State of the Union site. Though many defy logic, common sense, and basic intelligence, these questions are, in fact, real. Grammar and spelling mistakes have been preserved to protect authenticity.)

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1. What are you doing to save the wild horses? This is a very important topic to me and I would like to see the wild mustangs/stallions saved so their bloodlines can be carried on. How many are planned to be rounded up this year and sent to good homes.

2. YOU smoked pot and by virtue of being not caught rose to be President. Another fine young person may not be so lucky and have their life ruined by present law. Is this a reasonable position for the President of our country?

3. Is there any chance that NASA and the space program will get increased funding in the near future? Many of us see the exploration of space as the number one goal for humankind.

4. Could we Americans have dinner with you and your family some time? If you pick a date and print your menu (including recipe's) many of us would join you in a web cam (or TV) "informal dinner with the president."

5. Do you think the White Sox can win it all this year?

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6. Dear Mr. President you have one of if not the most onerous job in the world is it causing you to age prematurely or are you taking it in stride. I personally am happy you are in office and hope you seek a second term. Keep up the good work.

7. On what day did God create Republicans, and could he have rested that day, too?

8. Mr President, Why are there no solar panels on the White House as promised? Please what is the status of this?

9. Mr. President, I am only 13 but I have a question about our education. My parents bought me a math book from Singapore and I currently study from it. I noticed that the problems are a lot harder than what we do at school. How do you feel about this?

10. Mr. President while not directly related to your address I do know that knowledge is power. What I wanted to ask was if it was possible to get a recommendation from you to apply to Harvard to get my masters in Philosophy.

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I'm pretty proud to be an American, aren't you?

Which question would you like to ask the President, if you could?


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