Jesse Ventura Sues TSA: Hands Off 'The Body'!

jesse ventura sues tsaFormer governor of Minnesota and professional wrestler Jesse "The Body" Ventura wants to put the hurt on some new opponents: Homeland Security and the TSA. Not surprisingly this libertarian-leaning politician/wrestler feels the invasive body pat-downs cross the line, and he's tired of being humiliated when he has to fly.

Ventura is one of many Americans who regularly sets off the metal detector, since he's had a titanium hip replacement. If you set off the alarm, you must either go through the full-body scan or get one of those intimate pat-downs that include the thighs and buttocks. Apparently Mr. Ventura does not like that kind of attention in his nether-regions, and he's suing, claiming the pat-downs violate his rights to not be subject to unreasonable search and seizure.

While I appreciate Ventura's frustration, and also his avoidance of rhetoric that includes "touch my junk," I wonder if the gov is hurting our national security with this lawsuit.


Let's face it, none of us want a stranger groping our privates, or worse. None of us (well, except for exhibitionists who think x-rays are hot) want someone to see what lumps we have beneath our clothes. But none of us want to get blown up at 30,000 feet in the air either.

The debate over how much privacy we want, versus how much security, is quite touchy. A vigorous discussion is in order, and I believe Ventura's lawsuit is an interesting part of the debate. But I also can't help but feel many people want these added security measures for everyone else but them. A NIMBY response to national security, because, hey -- I don't look like a terrorist! Why are they searching 68-year-old ladies and 4-year-olds? Stop the madness!!!

Unfortunately the opposite of that position is to start profiling. And if I were of Middle Eastern descent, and for that reason only, was subject to a full-body search every time I went to the airport -- that would make me file a lawsuit.

Jesse Ventura seems like the right guy to step up and say enough with the pat-downs. However, it's time we offer a better alternative that keeps strangers' hands off your privates, as well as the guy's privates next to you, no matter his race.

Do you think Jesse Ventura will win this lawsuit against the TSA?


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