'Playboy' Model Izabela Lukomska Pyzalska Needs Locker Room Tips From Ines Sainz

Izabela Lukomska-PyzalskaFormer Playboy playmate and fashion model Izabela Lukomska-Pyzalska is making a career move -- into the world of professional soccer. She's been named director of a Polish club called Warta Poznan and is tasked with whipping the team back into shape and restoring them to their glory days, which they haven't seen since the 1990s.

It's a big job, but besides being Playmate of the Year in 2001 and appearing in a Polish soap opera titled What Are Men Afraid Of?, she has worked in the construction and real estate industries for five years. “I used to work in a building company, which requires ruling with an iron fist. I will make sure that there is order and discipline at the club,” she has promised, and she sounds convincing.


But before she starts the job, she might want to take a few lessons from another hot woman in the sports field -- Ines Sainz. You know, "Mexico's Hottest Reporter" who rose to fame after being catcalled by the New York Jets? It's too bad that her looks or gender even have to be considered in such a job, but of course, we know they will.

Sainz also has had to handle being an attractive female in a male-dominated testosterone-heavy industry, and she hasn't tried to hide the fact that she is. Neither should Lukomska-Pyzalska. Regardless of her background, she should stick true to who she is and cry foul if players or other colleagues get out of line.

While there was certainly a big brouhaha made over the Jets incident, Sainz didn't let it take her down. In fact, she not only got over it, but went on to show that she's the bigger person by predicting the Jets for the Super Bowl win. She was wrong, but still that was a nice move publicly and otherwise.

Women shouldn't have to shrink into dowdy, unattractive beings just because they're going to work with men. Men should just learn to behave. Women shouldn't be afraid to enter male-dominated professions because they fear how they'll be treated in the locker room or anywhere else, they should work to get treated better. Hopefully, Lukomska-Pyzalska will follow in Sainz's footsteps and set another good example for women worldwide.

What do you think of Lukomska-Pyzalska taking over a soccer club?


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