Piers Morgan Has a Thing for Condi Rice?

piers morganDoes Piers Morgan want to marry former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice? There's no other explanation for why he drilled her with personal questions about her relationship status and whether she wanted a fairytale wedding last week on Piers Morgan Tonight.

If you remember, Rice was not only the first African-American woman secretary of state, she's also an author, a Stanford professor, a devoted football fan, and a classically trained pianist. Surely, Morgan could have found something to talk about with her on his show -- were he not so desperate to put a ring on it.

Watch Morgan resist professing his love for Rice after the jump ...


In fact, Morgan was so enamored with the woman sitting across from him that he actually forgot where she lived! He asked:

Dr. Rice, while you remain one of the most eligible women in Washington, how have you avoided being snared in the marital trap?

To which Rice responded: “Actually, I live in California now."

But, really, can you blame him? Morgan shouldn't be expected to do the job of a journalist when someone as eligible as Condi is in the room.

Morgan -- so smitten was he with this accomplished woman -- continued the badgering from there, asking Rice whether she was "high-maintenance," whether she would be a "subservient wife," whether she was a "romantic," and how close she had come to marriage.

And just in case Condi was slow to realize his true intentions, Morgan delivered these choice lines which I'm certain any former diplomat would be flattered to hear: "You're quite a catch ... how would I woo you?"

Some viewers thought the interview hit an all-time low when he asked what exactly Rice would cook for him (fried chicken, cornbread, chili, and gumbo, if you must know). But, frankly, I think the question is completely justifiable: The currently married Morgan should know what he's getting into if he decides, in fact, to trade up.

To see the whole clip with Piers Morgan interviewing Condoleezza Rice, click the link.

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