Deadly Moscow Airport Explosion the Work of Terrorists?

moscow airportThirty-one people are dead and more than 100 injured after an explosion ripped through the international terminal of Domodedovo airport in Moscow on Monday afternoon.

In addition to being Moscow's busiest airport, Domodedovo is also Russia’s largest hub for international travelers including foreign workers and tourists -- with more than 20 million passengers passing through last year.

Now, some news organizations are reporting that the blast was caused by a suicide bomber (who used a handmade bomb stuffed with metal objects), and Russia's chief investigator says it was the work of terrorists.


If that report is true, this will be the first terrorist attack in Moscow since March of last year in which two female suicide bombers detonated explosives on the city’s busy subway during rush hour, killing 40 people and injuring more than 80.

The rebel leader Doku K. Umarov -- a former Chechen separatist and current proponent of global jihad -- claimed responsibility for that attack. It's unknown at this time whether he is behind this most recent attack.

In the meantime, Russian police are stepping up security in the metro system. And, some people are questioning why the airport failed to prevent the attack: Domodedovo is generally thought to have up-to-date security system, but obviously there was a major security breach. One witness described the chaotic and deadly scene:

We were walking out through the exit of the arrivals hall towards the car, and there was this almighty explosion, a huge bang, we didn't know it was an explosion at the time, and my colleague and I looked at each other and said "Christ that sounds like a car bomb or something," because the noise was, literally, it shook you.

Our thoughts are with the Russian people, the victims, and their families.

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