The Trashiest Hotel in Europe (VIDEO)

trash hotelIf you were in Europe this weekend -- most likely taking advantage of the ravaged Euro -- maybe you were one of the lucky few to stop in for a night at the trashiest hotel of all time in Madrid, Spain. No, I'm not talking to those of you who go on sex tours (and I really don't want to know the hotels that participate in that kind of crazy), but those of you who are more inclined to go "eco."

This hotel sponsored by Corona, in support of the Save the Beach organization, is made entirely out of trash that has washed up on the beaches in Europe. Kind of makes you want to bring your own sheets, doesn't it?

So, how does one build a hotel made out of bottles, tires, multiple plastic bags, and so many lost socks you realize the whole "missing in the dryer" mystery has been solved? Take a look.


Corona's Save the Beach organization commissioned artist, HA Schult, who has a way with garbage, and people were invited to spend a night among the refuse in support of cleaning up the beaches that have been most neglected around Europe.

If you weren't in Madrid this weekend, or in the mood for a less-than-luxurious stay, no worries because Corona and Save the Beach aren't done with this project just yet. In fact, they encourage you to build your own maison des garbage, in support of the do-gooder organization. Then you can invite your friends over to wallow in the trashiest of ways.

Check out more pictures of the trash hotel over at Shelterpop.

Would you stay in a hotel made of garbage?

Image via Corona/Save the Beach

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