Jets Steelers Game Time: Are You Pumped? (VIDEO)

jets helmutToday is a huge day for NFL fans. It is win or go home in the AFC match between the Steelers and the Jets; game time is 6:30 p.m. EST, and it will be on CBS.

The NFC has got the Packers and the Bears fighting it out at 3 p.m. EST on FOX. Are you pumped?

In our house the chili is in the slow cooker and the kids are all dressed in green. My daughter's school on Thursday even had a J-E-T-S rallying chant over the loudspeaker. I grew up a Pittsburgh fan (because my big brother was a Pittsburgh fan) but now I bleed green and white. I haven't been this pumped for a football game all season! And I have to give Bart Scott some of the credit for getting me going. Have you seen his post-game rallying cry from last week. It is all you need to get PUMPED!


And if you don't really care about any of these four teams, and Bart Scott didn't convince you that the Jets deserve your love, then maybe you go for the team that has had the longest drought?

In the AFC, the last time the Jets won a Super Bowl was 1969 ... and they haven't been back to the game since. But the Steelers are the Yankees of football with six Super Bowl wins, the most in the history of the game.

As for the NFC, the Bears were in a Super Bowl just a few years ago but walked away empty handed. The last time they won was in 1986. Do you all remember the Super Bowl Shuffle? The Packers on the other hand won in 1997.

Who do you want to see in the Super Bowl this year?


Image via D34n/Flickr

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