Qwiki That? Google May Get Some Real Competition

QwikiGoogle is so much a part of our lives that many of us use it as a verb regularly. Bing has tried, but so far, there's been no real match for for Google's search engine occupation on the Web. Rumblings have it that newbie company Qwiki, billed as an information experience site, may put up a good fight, and soon we may be saying "I'll Qwiki that" instead.

You know how sometimes you search for something, and instead of getting useful, pertinent information, you get some random websites with a few words about the topic, surrounded by tons of advertisements that have nothing to do with it? That's what Qwiki says it will eliminate, and instead provide a new multi-media experience that combines those of Google, YouTube, and Wikipedia into one.


From their site:

Qwiki is working to deliver information in a format that's quintessentially human – via storytelling instead of search.

We are the first to turn information into an experience. We believe that just because data is stored by machines doesn’t mean it should be presented as a machine-readable list. Let's try harder.

Looking at some of the examples on the site, it's almost like you get a mini documentary on the subject you're looking for. When you click on Natalie Portman, for example, it immediately starts providing you with an audio biography while pictures of her rotate.

The industry seems to believe in Qwiki with  players such as Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin and YouTube co-founder Jawed Karim making an $8 million financial investment in the company.

Currently, it's just being tested, and you have to sign up to be invited to their alpha. I did and am awaiting my "credentials," but their confirmation mail to me cracked me up. It's signed "Much love,  - The Qwiki family." Love? Sounds like we're going to be dealing with a whole new kind of company. I'm excited to see what they can bring to the Web.

Would you welcome another Google alternative? Do you currently use something other than Google?

Image via qwiki.com

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