States Fight Back Over Obamacare

obamacare protest signIt’s official. People don’t like the new health care law. Half of the states are suing the Obama Administration to stop Obamacare. How many ways do we need to say it? Except for a few fringe leftists, nobody likes the bill that had to be made law before we could find out what was in it. 

We decorated protest signs with magic markers, we went to rallies, we abandoned the mainstream media, we went to Washington, we elected a Republican in Massachusetts … We said, “No thank you,” to Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi and their bankrupting bill disguised as ‘health care reform.’


They rammed it down our throats anyway and told us we should be grateful. They insist that it reduces the deficit, and that repealing it would ‘cost’ taxpayers $230 billion over 10 years. I’m not sure how repealing a $940 billion spending bill adds to the debt, but then again, I’m still confused as to why I should pay someone else’s medical bills.

The states cannot absorb the cost of Obama’s generosity. The administration costs alone of adding 34 million people to the public dole (18 million of which will be placed on Medicaid, that bastion of high quality medical service) will cost the states billions.

It doesn’t matter how many rules the federal government makes about who should have health insurance. If states don’t have the money to implement the rules, then they don’t have the money. What’s Obama going to do, kick them out of the Union? 

The beauty of having 50 different states in one union is that there are plenty of options to choose from. The people that like socialized medicine can move to Massachusetts (thanks Mitt Romney!), people that cling to their guns and religion can move to the flyover states, and anyone wanting to start a business can move to Texas. Each state has its own pros and cons, and what’s right for one may not be right for another.

It’s futile for the federal government to impose mandates on people that have no resources with which to implement them. They might as well say, “Everyone needs a car. If you cannot afford a car, the government will provide one for you.” Imagine the lines at the DMV if that were to happen.

Twenty-five states have done the math and realized they can’t afford this. We said no, now our states are saying no. Will the liberal elite in Washington ever get it into their skulls that we don’t want, like, or need Obamacare? Probably not. That’s why we have elections.


Image via Fibonacci Blue/Flickr

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