Famous Ophiuchus & Today's Horoscope

ophiuchusIf you were born between November 29 and December 17, congratulations -- you're an Ophiuchus! What the? Now that our collective minds have been blown and we have to reassess our astrological signs and our personalities, let's figure out who the new kid is on the zodiac.

Is the Ophiuchus man gregarious or brooding? The Ophiuchus woman adventurous or cautious? I'm sure plenty of astrologers will be adjusting their dials to fill us all in, but until the tropical astrologers switch over to the sidereal (or Hindu) method, I'll fill you in on some fun facts about the 13th sign of the zodiac. Including what celebrities fall under the sign of the serpent.


The Ophiuchus constellation is supposed to be a man holding a snake, as seen above. Which is why the other name for Ophiuchus -- which means serpent-bearer -- is Serpentarius (which I think sounds much better). The symbol also looks like a snake wrapped around a pole, not unlike the physician's symbol.

Today's Horoscope (which they say could cover months under the sign -- so buckle your seat belts, Ophiuchus!):

You are trying to escape the routine, dull, and ordinary aspects of your life. You try to find new things that will make your life more exciting and stimulating. But with every effort of this kind, circumstances, duties, and obligations seem to hold you back and keep you stuck in an oppressive situation. You may get to a point where the pressure is unbearable, and then you will make a sudden break for freedom. You may suddenly leave a relationship, an oppressive job, or your place of residence, without warning anyone. 

Crazy times ahead for the 13th sign. But you'll be in good company, as these famous folks also fall under the spell of the serpent:

Taylor Swift

Britney Spears

Rahm Emanuel

Mark Twain

Ben Stiller

Kirk Douglas

Dick Clark

Woody Allen

Nicki Minaj

Jeff Bridges



Walt Disney

Tyra Banks

Ozzy Osbourne

Julianne Moore

Harry Reid

Lucy Liu

Margaret Cho

Teri Hatcher

Sinead O'Connor

Dame Judi Dench

John Malkovich

Donny Osmond

Tom Waits

Felicity Huffman

Kim Basinger

Ann Coulter

Rod Blagojevich

Jennifer Connelly

John Kerry

Frank Sinatra

Jamie Foxx

Steve Buscemi

Ben Bernanke

Mary Todd Lincoln

Vanessa Hudgens

Don Johnson

Ludwig van Beethoven

Benjamin Bratt

Chris Matthews

Bill Pullman

Giovanni Ribisi

Milla Jovovich

Bette Middler

Dr. Dre

Are you an Ophiuchus?


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