Cross Eyed Opossum: Not Slutty & Still Famous (Video)

cross eyed opossum HeidiIt's viral animal video time -- Heidi, the German cross-eyed opossum, is the newest YouTube celebrity making her way around the web.

Germany’s Leipzig Zoo opossum already has almost 175,000 Facebook fans. Wow, and she didn't even have to perform the Dirtiest Dancing Ever! on television to gain this kind of fame. She's just being herself, and people love her. This almost makes me proud to be a human again!

Check her out -- so darn ugly she's crazy adorable! Heidi's sex-free video after the jump.


See Heidi in action for yourself:

Wonderful. Makes me smile. You could even turn this into a teachable moment for your kids -- Look at Heidi the cross-eyed opossum, she didn't have to get a nose job OR make a sex tape OR become a crazy drug addict to be beloved by all.

I see empowering Tshirts: WWHD?

And we don't even have to feel too badly about her crossed eyes. Opossums aren't exactly known for their impeccable eyesight. Heidi's not really missing out with this particular disability.

Let's just hope the fame doesn't get to her ... Keep it on the up and up, huh, Heidi. We're counting on you!

What do you think of Heidi? Are you going to become a fan immediately? Why or why not?

Image via Heidi's Facebook

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