Sister Brandi Makes Brett Favre Look Like a Saint

Brandi FavreThis is the first time you're going to hear me say this, and probably the last. Poor Brett Favre. The sister of the "retiring" Vikings quarterback, Brandi Favre, was arrested at a meth house in Mississippi this week.

Naturally, the media is falling all over itself to add this one to the horny old goat's list of sins. But can we step back a minute here? Between sexting pictures of his peepee to reporter Jenn Sterger and allegedly having Jets massage therapists Christina Scavo and Shannon O'Toole fired for not jumping in on his three-way, he's cleared up any confusion as to whether he's a world class tool.


He made his bed. It's likely full of crabs. But that's Favre's problem, and he'll have to lie in it.

He doesn't, however, have to take responsibility for his tweaker sister. Even as Internet conspiracy theories abound charging the "retired" football player with having bankrolled the operation, police haven't implicated him. Likewise, police haven't said what role Brandi might have been playing in the drughouse, where she was rounded up along with four others and charged with manufacturing methamphetamine and generating hazardous waste.

All in all, it's pretty clear Brett wasn't standing there doling out the cough medicine or jonesing for his fix. Perhaps the NFL drug testing policy is the only thing keeping him from some good old-fashioned sibling bonding, but nevertheless, he's too busy holding down the title of Favre family sex addict to add "drug addict" to his mantle.

According to cops, Brandi has been royally screwing up her life since, oh, about 1996, when the now 34-year-old was involved in a drive-by shooting. In 1999, when Favre was still the Green Bay Packers' golden boy, she and another member of the fam, sister-in-law Rhonda Favre, were rounded up for shoplifting clothing from a department store.

So can we stop going on about how it's so tough to be a Favre and how Favre screws up everything he touches? Do you want to be held responsible every time your kid sister screws up? It's bad enough you have to deal with the noisy toys and chocolate bars they give your kid on birthdays; you don't need to be sharing the bills every time they get in another fender bender because they were drunk. We should all be feeling bad for Brett today because there but for the grace of you know who go you and I.

Unless it's OK to send you the bill the next time your sibling screws up my life?


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