Snow in 49 States Means Your Weekend Plans Are Screwed (PHOTO)

snow in 49 statesUnless of course, your plans involve dog-sledding everywhere you go. In a rare, but not unheard of, occurrence, a map is showing that there is snow in 49 out of the 50 U.S. states today. There's even snow in Hawaii, on top of Manua Kea on the Big Island! Although it looks like Texas is barely getting it there.

Of course not everyone got the 8.8 inches that New York City did today, but Florida is the only state that can say it is free and clear and ready to accept snow-weary travelers. If they can get out of their own snow-covered state, that is. Flights are being cancelled all over not only the North, but the South where the snowstorm recently hit, and the Great Lakes region as well. Good luck getting to the Sunshine State.

The massive snow storm is not over yet, as New England is expected to get hit with a ton of it tonight. So what are you supposed to do if you planned a getaway thanks to the holiday weekend?


Luckily since everyone is afraid of pulling a Bloomberg, street cleaning crews have gone into overdrive, so driving could actually be an option. And if your power goes out, as they do expect in some areas in New England, you're going to want to hop into the car and take your family to a warmer locale.

If you do plan on flying, the good news is that with far less passengers to shuttle, the cancellations and delays will not be nearly as painful as that post-Christmas debacle. Of course those of us who live outside of the snow zones should just stay put and be thankful.

Are your weekend plans in jeopardy due to the snow?

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