LeBron James: Does 'The King' Think He's God?

LeBron JamesFirst it was Westboro Baptist Church wacko Fred Phelps claiming "God sent the shooter" on YouTube. Now it's LeBron James warning "God is watching" on Twitter. Can people stop putting words in God's mouth some time soon?

In a Tweet that's cemented his status as the NBA's biggest baby, the Miami Heat star responded to the Cleveland Cavaliers' crazy 112-57 loss to the Lakers in Los Angeles last night by blaming his former team for not being nice enough to him:

Crazy. Karma is a b****.. Gets you every time. Its not good to wish bad on anybody. God sees everything!


Crazy indeed. This is coming from the guy who didn't have the decency to tell his first and only team to that point that he was saying bye bye before going on an hour-long TV special to announce it to the nation. It may have been the right decision for him to leave the team, but he's making it increasingly hard to have any sympathy for him and his millions. 

Bringing God into his feud with his home team is just pathetic. Let's face it: God has a dead child in Tucson and a Congresswoman whose life remains in the balance right now; I tend to think HE has His hands full. There's not much evidence that He's got "avenging LeBron's hurt feelings" on His agenda.

James has made a habit of making a mockery of religion. He brought in a rabbi last year to offer spiritual guidance for a "big merchandise meeting" ... just months after announcing he'd prayed to our "Lord and Savior Jesus Christ" on behalf of then teammate Rodney Stuckey, who suffered a seizure. And then there was that Nike ad that made a big hullabaloo back in the day because it featured LeBron inside a church and dubbed him "The Chosen One." The guy just can't make up his mind about who -- or what -- he believes in.

Maybe it's time to give God a break and just focus on basketball. Remember, karma is a "b--ch," and he doesn't want to make Her angry.


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