'Angels' Take On Fred Phelps at Arizona Shooting Victim Funerals

Fred Phelps Westboro Baptist ChurchFred Phelps claims he's got an in with God for the Westboro Baptist Church. Fortunately for him, God doesn't talk back. But Tucson, Arizona residents are thanking whatever deity they believe in that angels don't just talk back, they act.

Angels with giant fluffy manmade wings standing around the mourners at funerals, that is. They specialize in funerals where Phelps and his klan clan of anti-Semitic, homophobic, anti-Catholic, anti-divorce, anti-abortion, anti-Lutheran (seriously, let's just say this guy hates everybody except Arizona shooter Jared Lee Loughner) picketers show up to be giant pains in the tuchas. 


Hey Mr. Phelps, just go ahead and try picketing the funeral of 9-year-old shooting victim Christina Taylor Green. The angels will be waiting for you. They're part of Angel Action, a project started informally back in 1998 to protect mourners from Phelps' band of crazies at the funeral of gay hate crime victim Matthew Shepard. It's completely grassroots, completely run by the goodness of people. Volunteers throw on fluffy wings and stand in a close knit group, the wings providing extra protection to keep the disturbing image of picketers out of the line of sight of those there to honor the memory of the deceased.

In light of the hatred we saw on Saturday in Tucson, we needed a miracle of human love. This may be just what the doctor (or God, if you wish) ordered.

Further proof that angels may really exist? Along with these do-gooders to counteract the evil-doers of Phelps' crew is the possibility of a "funeral protection zone" being rushed through the Arizona State Legislature today. Similar to one already in place in Ohio, it would enable police to keep not just Westboro Baptist Church members but anyone causing a ruckus back 300 feet from the people with legitimate business at the funeral. Considering it usually takes months to get a bill through your standard state legislature, and they're trying to get this done today, it seems angels really can work miracles.

Yesterday, Phelps' announcements that "God sent the shooter" made it painful to believe in HIS God. Today, faith is restored. Do you believe in angels?

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